Harmony among fans

May 11, 2014

Pahang and Selangor fans set a good example after the top of the table clash at the Darul Makmur Stadium on Saturday. The visitors nicked a win despite being second best throughout the match and the the authorities decided that Selangor fans were to stay in the stadium until the home crowd dispersed.

It was only 30 minutes after the final whistle were the fans allowed to leave the stadium. But any hope of seperating the opposing fans was up to no vail as the Ultras Selangor and Elephants Army converged at the front of the stadium.

However, instead of the scuffles that has tarnished the image of the fans of late, both set of fans embraced each other. Selangor fans thanked the home side for the hospitality.

“Let’s all greet each other,” a fan was heard saying through the loud speaker, as the fans converged. Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) stood watch, fully equipped in case any incidents broke out .




But there was nothing separating the fans as the authorites stood watching in awe, expecting the worse but left being glad it wasn’t one of those troublesome nights.


Earlier, prior to kick-off, the Pahang and Selangor fans matched each other with chants cheering their teams. Instead of boos that has become a norm after chants, they applauded each other and even joined in occasionally.


Kudos to the fans and putting to shame some media reports which have taken the fans to task for unruly behavior lately.


The fans comradeship will certainly go a long way in making Malaysian football a enjoyable and entertaining one. 


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