Pahang to rise?

March 17, 2015

Zainal Abidin Hassan wants to see an improved performance from his players after two disappointing matches – against Global FC in the AFC Cup and Armed Forces in the Super League.

Pahang played to a boring draw against the Philippines’ side last week and lost to the Gladiators last Saturday.

The Pahang coach does not want to drop further points.

“We tend to get into groove late but we can’t be dropping a lot of points. I want to see some improvements,” said Zainal.

“Some players could return to the line-up. Focus is key as always but we need to take the chances we create. It will be tough tomorrow but then again  there are no easy games, more so in the AFC Cup.

“Our problem this year has been finishing. We have been working extensively on finishing in training and we need to start seeing results. It’s not a reason to panic early in the season but we must start collecting points.”

Without regulars Matias Conti, Hafiz Kamal, and Azamuddin Akil, Pahang struggled to cope with Armed Forces and failed to impress. It was Armed Forces’ first win of the season.

The match also saw the return of skipper Razman Roslan, who faced a traumatising week after gun shots were fired at his house past midnight last week.

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