Pahang top Super League

May 5, 2015

Pahang defeated Perak 1-0 at the Darul Makmur Stadium to go two points clear at the top of the Super League.

Pahang and Perak played a scoreless first half as both teams cancelled each other out.

Neither teams could find a way to take the lead with play largely centered in the middle of the park. Pahang had the better share possession but the visitors held their ground.

Yet, it was Perak who first threatened to opened scoring but Chad Souza misguided an open header from Horace James’ cross in the 20th minute.

Seven minutes later, Pahang had their best chance of the half but Zamir Selamat dived to push away Hafiz Kamal’s low freekick.

Perak came with guns blazing in the second half and could have gone one up after James burst past two defenders but saw pass was squandered by Woong Namkung. Four minutes later he headed straight to keeper Khairul Azhan Khalid.

Pahang took some time to settle and Zainal Abidin Hassan’s charges eventually pushed for a winner.

Matias Conti converted a penalty in the 71st minute after a Perak player handled the ball in the box. Tuah Iskandar was booked for protesting the results and could count himself lucky for not receiving a red card for continued dissent.

Namkung hit the post in the 87th minute but that was as close as it got for Perak as the Pahang collected full points.

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