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May 15, 2014

Another exciting match is on the cards tonight when Pahang take on Johor Darul Taqzim at the Larkin Stadium in a Super League clash.

Still fresh on the minds of the fans is the first leg FA Cup semifinals match played at the same venue which ended in a 1-1 draw.
Much was said in the media about incidents between Pahang and Johor DT fans after the match and the Pahang team and fans leaving the Stadium two hours after the game was blown out of proportion by some media for reasons known best to themselves.
In actual fact nothing untoward happened that night and the reason for the delay in departure was because of the heavy traffic surrounding the Stadium which would have seen the Pahang busses caught in the jam for hours despite the escort provided.
It was a joint consensus decision by both Pahang and Johor security that the team left later.
And the Johor fans who had assembled outside, were not there to start any trouble as when the team and fans left finally, there was no incident.
We are expect another bumper crowd tonight it is the hope of the Voice of Pahang to see both fans enjoy the game in the true spirit of the game and support their respective teams.
There might be some banters exchanged during the heat of the game, but it is all in the name of the game and should be accepted by both parties as part and parcel of the game.
The growing number of fans throughout the country for the respective teams in indeed good for the game.
Let us fans be portrayed for the right and good reasons rather than be branded as trouble makers.
We stand behind our respective teams because we are passionate about the game and the team we support.
Let us join hands in comradeship and be united to dispel any ill reports of fans, by being at our best behaviour and standing up to building friendship between Fan Clubs.
It would be great to see Fan Clubs meeting each other before the game to greet each other and maybe even have a competition of cheering all in the fun of the game.
Let us all make the Stadium a safe place for a good night’s entertainment of football where children and women will feel safe to come and join in the good fun.
Leave behind banned items like the flares, firecrackers and smoke bombs which not only can make our Stadiums a dangerous place, but will see our respective Fas being hauled up by FA of Malaysia and fined.
We can certainly can put to better use the money used for fines in building a strong fan base in each of our States.
Hoping for another exciting and thrilling game and no matter what the outcome, let is accept the final result. If we have any grouses over the match, let us go through the proper channel as a professional fan club to make it known to the authorities.
Enjoy the game, travel safe and return back safely.

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